Wednesday, February 28, 2007

vmware converter

as part of fun at work ;) today im moving my entire windows installation into a vmware image which i intend to run from linux fc6 custom build through vmware server.

initially my c drive showed around 7+ gb used...later after moving some files and uninstalling all that i didnt like i got to around 5.2 gigs. am currently making an image of 6gigs out of my cdrive. if everything goes on fine...will be reporting back from my windows under linux session....

looks like it would another hour atleast before the image is created on my very slow machine.

1hr and 15mins and i still have 43 mins to go :( boy is it slow....but im ready to wait as this would help me in getting rid of the devil :)

2hrs and still 24 mins to go :(

by now you would be wondering 'what the hell is the config he is using?'....the answer to that would be 1.7 amd with 1.2gb RAM.

2hrs and 22 minutes later its now let me go for a reboot...bye...

finally after 2.5 hrs and a long time waiting for it to bo0t(gave it only 256 mb ram...didnt want to waste mem giving it to 'doze ;))

It works like a charm...but a very slow charm. but ofcourse it is a lot better than doing all the manual editing that needs to be done to the registry to get it working on vmware from linux and in addition to that we get it all in a file so if needed we can increase the size of the partition.

okie people...its time to fiddle with 'doze under linux...catch u later :)

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