Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Forgetting is being explained by wikipedia as "retention loss-a process by which old memories are replaced with new ones in an delicately balanced optimized way".

Funny is'nt it...your inability to remember to pick up that pack of bread from the grocery store is in actuality nature's own algorithm to cleanup your mind. More over the algorithm is said to be optimized.

So is there a good way to forget something? It turns out there is. It is called priorities and preoccupation.

Though the human mind is an amazing piece of runs on some simple rules that are set or rather tuned into us by the people around us, the education that we have had and the experiences that we have shared. A mind that is on the constant lookout for ways to make money for the next meal cannot think about the war going on in some far off oil producing country though it directly affects the cost of the food that he is currently trying to earn for. Here the priorities are not the same. Now a well fed politician who has most of the luxuries of life will certainly reflect his thoughts on the war covering not just the fuel price hike but also about the injustice happening to those people, the pollution, the money wasted all though these are in effect felt by him only at the mind's level.

Forgetting does help the common man in one thing. He gets to forgive people. Forgetting makes it easier to forgive.

So friends dont forget to forget ;)

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