Tuesday, February 27, 2007

summa nachuku

nanbargalae....en vanakkangal...
remba bore adikkarathala ethavathu urupadiya pannalamnu tv pottu partha intha maku payaluga blr'la 2 channel mattum thaan kudukkaranuga...enna panruthu?

Okie people...all these days I had been thinking that linux is one very complete operating system. Complete in the sense...I believed that there wasnt much more to be done in that. But after having through a fair portion of the kernel code I have found that there is a lot more to be done...a lot of cleaning has to be done. A lot of performance changes can be achieved. Some of the biggest minds are working on this. And Im helping in a very small way.

It is probably very late to join the community but as everyone says-better late than never. Even then this is pretty much a good time to join the linux community-the reason being Linus has kinda frozen work on 2.7 and has asked the community to do the cleanup and performance patches necessary for 2.6

So people...what are u waiting for? Come in and make it happen :) There is a lot to do and a lot more to get done.

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Ravi said...

nee adanga mattiya??