Friday, July 18, 2014

Mooli & Spring Onion Paratha

1. Spring onion greens-1 cup, chopped
2. Onion-one-chopped
3. Mooli-grated-1 cup
4. Green chilly-1-chopped
5. Garam masala-pinch
6. Kala namak-1 pinch
7. Pepper powder-1 pinch
8. Sugar-1/4tsp

Salt to taste.

In mustard oil saute onion till transparent. Add green chilly. Add mooli and fry till it looses most of the water. Add spring onion and fry. Add the masalas. Cook for a few minutes. Switch off and let it cool.
Add salt and add flour and make a soft dough. No need to add water.

Make parathas and enjoy ;)

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