Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sweet and sour bitter guard - Pavakkai puzhi kulambu

Bitter-guard-quartered and sliced - 2 cups
One small onion-chopped
one tomato-chopped
1/2 tsp saunf
3 tblsp of thick tamarind extract
3 tsp jaggery
coconut milk-last extract-1 cup - optional
1 tsp ginger/garlic paste
1 tsp of corriander powder
1/2 tsp of cumin powder
1 tsp chilly powder

Boil the bitter guard slices in water with turmeric and salt till almost cooked
A tblsp of oil in the pan. Add the saunf, then the onion. Fry till translucent.
Add the gg paste and fry. Add the corriander, cumin powder, chilly powder.Fry for a couple of minutes. Add the tomatoes and salt. Let them cook a bit and then add the tamarid extract. Cook for a minute and add the cooked bitter guard. Add a little water if needed. Once all the oil starts separating, add the coconut milk if using it. Check salt/heat. Let it come to a thick gravy and add the jaggery finally.

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